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Sunday, 28 February 2010

I.B.A.C @ The Loft Leeds!

We attended the 'Contemporary Arts Market and Creative Business Showcase' @The Loft, Leeds, by Artsmix* and Business Link. Here's the little flyer promoting the event:

It was pretty much a day and a bit to get our itty bitty products ready to be featured and sold at this event, also we were extremely lucky to get a space here in such short notice and also, for free! The lovely lady named Amy, who was curating the event, was happy to feature us and hopefully keep in contact for future events!

The Loft is quite a fancy creative events venue near Leeds Bus Station and on a road next to Co-op. At the Arts Market there were approximately 15 stalls set up featuring works from jewellery to furniture, as well as glittery cookies and spa products! It was also a nice event to mingle and befriend with other artists and designers.

-serious business!-

-itty bitty art open for business! (look! teeny tiny table!)-

-victory flag-waving!-

The little flags are our business cards with our blogger address on! We also had 'Itty Bitty Office Supplies' in tiny handmade takeaway boxes with tiny stationary for your office needs! These are the items we had at our stall but there will be more to come, especially for the International Artists' Book Fair, Leeds (Friday 12th & Saturday 13th)!!

The event ran from 12.00pm to 4.00pm and we managed to get a few of our products sold, the most favoured was, of course, the vending machine! People enjoyed twisting the dial on the machine which popped out a capsule with a lovingly handcrafted crane. In our near future projects we hope to fill the capsules with all types of goodies...

To keep us fuelled through the event, a delightful company called 'The Marvellous Tea Dance Company' supplied tea served in delicate, decorated china tea cups and a range of delicious cakes topped with glitter! This chocolate guinness cake was lush!

On top of all what happened that day, we've also been invited to another gig at Faversham on Saturday 6th March! Here's the flyer!

The event will be crammed with vintage crafts and stuff, as well as craft workshops, swing dance classes, live burlesque peepshow, miss vintage competition and plenty of nomming on tea and cake! We hope to see you there!!

Beverly and Sophie outside The Loft in the bitter cold (brrrr!)

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♦ Itty Bitty Art Committee ♦ Created by Sophie Ashcroft and Beverly Cottrell