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Tuesday, 13 April 2010



Now that I am back from my break in the Yorkshire Dales, I've decided to get cracking on with some Gocco printing! After seeing Sophie's cute prints of a little satellite hovering through sparkling space, I've decided to do... Castles!!

The original drawing was done on an A6 grid paper provided with the Gocco, but I decided to photocopy it on plain paper as I was a bit confused whether my pen had a carbon based ink (as this was my first time using my Gocco). It is recommended that carbon ink pens or pencils should be used to draw the initial image. Printer ink and some laser printers also work.

Bulbs screwed in the lid section which is then placed in the slot above the Gocco printer.

The lid is then pressed down and the bulbs flash... the bulbs can only be used once.


My image from the paper is burned onto the mesh screen by the heat of the bulbs.
Mesh screens can only be used once.

I inked the image with selected colours!

...and away I print!

I printed on various types of materials: postcards, gift cards, sweet paper bags, cardboard, thin brown paper... I didn't have the time to get some plain tote bags from craftwise, but I will print on some in my next batch of prints!

I also did the print on Shrink Plastic! See the results:


I might turn these little castles into magnets or brooches... The whole process of creating these prints turned out better than I expected, they are not 100% perfect which makes them individual in their own way. Some of these prints may be available at future events where the Itty Bitty Art Committee will be attending!

See you soon!

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♦ Itty Bitty Art Committee ♦ Created by Sophie Ashcroft and Beverly Cottrell