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Friday, 11 June 2010

Houston, We Have An Exhibition!

Here's an update, and a whole lot of images (!), on how our exhibition went at the window of 42 New Briggate with Test Space Leeds from the 7th to the 9th of June - it's a planetarium on an itty bitty scale!

Me cleaning and preparing the window we displayed in - had to clear a previous artist's window mural.

Sophie hanging some of the planets - there's still a lot more to hang! (First two photos from the Test Space Leeds facebook photo album).

Some of the materials used... Some of the planets were surprisingly heavy even when they only made from polythene, so we had to use stronger and thicker wires to hold them.

Me with my big one! - check out http://i-sketch-things.blogspot.com/2010/06/houston-we-have-exhibition.html to see some of the planets I made, Sophie's are there too!

Here's our planetarium completed from the inside of 42 New Briggate, we've even hung the LED lights but they are not that visible as it's still daylight outside, it would be effective at night!

and outside...

Since the room is dark in the background it makes it easier to see the planets, we had to cut some from the wires and move them forward to more visible areas.

Here's another photo when it was a bit darker, around 8:45pm!

If you look closely you can see some of the LED lights -there's 5 of them altogether. They looked really good when they were spinning around as it made the lights flicker.... almost like an intergalactic disco! The lights should have lasted for a good couple of days until the exhibition needed to be taken down for the next batch of artists!

If we were to explain what our exhibition was about: it is our own playful concept of a solar system in a galaxy far, far away , inspired by heaps of sci-fi movies, books and games. It is a light-hearted and personal version, compared to the seriousness of the reality space. However, we have looked at many hubble telescope images which inspired us with the colours found in space, but took it a step further by experimenting with vivid colours, textures... creating imaginative gas giants to planets containing 'life'. It is kitsch, bold and out of this world... it is our planetarium on an itty bitty scale!

Check out the Sputnik!

It was a wonderful experience to exhibit at 42 New Briggate, thanks to the Test Space Leeds guys! We hope to get this itty bitty planetarium exhibited in various locations in the future!


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♦ Itty Bitty Art Committee ♦ Created by Sophie Ashcroft and Beverly Cottrell