♦ Itty Bitty Art Committee ♦ Created by Sophie Ashcroft and Beverly Cottrell

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Some ideas from Bev...

Some spaces which could be considered for the itty bitty art gallery:
  • lift
  • locker
    (both Sophie's ideas!)
  • cabinet
  • shed
  • book shelf
  • a cove - in a wall, in a desk...


Back at my home down South my house is full of plants that my mum places on the window sills, and cactuses which she also places there for a deterrent (it seems to work, but results in me getting prickled by the damn cactuses whenever I open the window). A deep set window can be made into an exhibition space. The window sill could display three dimensional works and paintings could be hung... plus it is a small space! People usually hang artwork on a wall, but how about a window? What effect does it make?

About the desks with the coves... I had these desks in the library at my secondary school for private study. A small space like this could easily accommodate a few little artworks. It looks very personal and there is enough space for two people to look into the cove, and there is only one angle you can view the exhibition. The surrounding walls block out all other distractions which focuses the attention to what goes on in that cove! I have to admit I quite like the desk for it's privacy, but they are quite a rare find!

There could be plenty more spaces out there, so if you have any wonderful ideas, feel free to let us know!


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♦ Itty Bitty Art Committee ♦ Created by Sophie Ashcroft and Beverly Cottrell