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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Two Dimensional Barcode!

Oooh! There is a way in which you can keep updated with the Itty Bitty Art Committee Blog on the move... It's the Two-Dimensional Barcode! It's becoming widely used to access direct links to web pages via your mobile phone by scanning the barcode with your phone!

It is done by taking a photo of the barcode with the camera on your phone, however you need the application to make the whole process work! I downloaded the application for my BlackBerry Curve 8520 from www.scanlife.com and it's FREE! Also creating your own barcodes to link to your own blogs and websites can be created free, but an account needs to be set up which is quick and simple.

This is how the process of scanning the two-dimensional barcode works...

* First download the ScanLife application to your phone from
www.scanlife.com. Click on the tab 'Download' and you will go through a short process of selecting your phone type and receive download instructions.

You will need to visit the given web link through your mobile internet to download the application. Once downloaded the application should appear installed on your phone, either in your Applications or Downloads. Mine was under downloads. Click on the icon to access and you'll come up with this loading screen.

*This is the next screen that will appear giving you six options to choose from. 'Scan', 'Settings', 'History', 'Share ScanLife', 'Help' and 'About'.

Choose 'Scan' to get cracking with the barcode scanning!

*The screen will then appear as you are taking a photo. Hold up your phone to the barcode, making sure you have the barcode at the centre of the photo. Also make sure the barcode is about over an inch wide - just like the my photo.

All you need to do is take the photo!

*Your phone will then process the image from the data in the teeny barcode! Sometimes your phone may fail to recognise the image. My phone did this a lot on my first tries but that was because I wasn't taking the image of the barcode correctly. Just keep retrying! Some people said that it is beneficial to have a phone with auto-focusing. My phone doesn't have auto-focusing and it works fine.

*This loading screen should appear and a delightful tune should play once you are successful! Your phone should now be connecting to the internet and directing you to your desired link!

Now you can surf our Itty Bitty Art blog which will look all Itty Bitty on your phone!

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♦ Itty Bitty Art Committee ♦ Created by Sophie Ashcroft and Beverly Cottrell